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The Click has been playing a broad range of music styles ranging from contemporary to classic rock standards since the early 1980’s. Performing at various  festivals, night club venues, concerts, weddings, and special events from Monroe County north to the Palm Beaches, we add a special “flavor” to your event; something that only live music can provide.


Check out our upcoming dates and make it a point to come out and enjoy the show!

The five piece Click band is composed of Larry Misrahi on bass, Joe Hernandez and Gary Paulin on guitars, Danny Howe on keyboards and Gary Schneider on the drums. Everyone in the band sings, but each brings something different to the sound of the Click! Larry’s voice is particularly well suited to soaring rock vocals, and his bass playing along with Gary’s solid drum work, lays a solid foundation for the rest of the band to build on. Joe’s stinging lead guitar lines along with solid vocals, is one of the band’s strong points. GP’s smooth vocals, chunky rhythm guitar and occasional lead flurries, blend well with Joe’s guitar work. And what can we say about Danny - you gotta hear him play - no doubt about it!!

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